I offer a number of premium software development services. I always strive for maximum impact and that is why I only work on projects where there is a perfect match between by skills and the needs of my clients.

Building the right software
Lack of business domain knowledge is one of the main causes for software projects to fail. I strongly believe that great software comes out of understanding the underlying business principles and correctly distilling them into a software solution. I will work with you from the initial requirements gathering phase throughout the actual implementation to make sure that you will get exactly the software that your business needs.

Event storming workshops This is the main tool for making sure that software engineers and the business are synced on what a software solution should look like. It is an engaging workshop that can condense months of email threads and meetings into several days of in-depth brainstorming.

Cloud architecture While going cloud first is becoming the norm these days, there are many things to consider when building a cloud solution in terms of security, scalability, functionality, and certainly cost. I will help you determine what cloud services make sense for your project and

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