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This is my personal website where I share my thoughts on technology, entrepreneurship, and anything else that I believe will be valuable to my audience.

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I am Milan and I am a software engineer with 15 years of experience solving business problems using software. I also take a huge amount of pleasure sharing my experience (both technical and personal) by writing articles - checkout my Blog to learn more. If you would like to work with me on a project, you can contact me here.

My technical background is primarily in the .NET ecosystem. Over the years I have led multiple teams working on various projects from products to custom-made software solutions.

For more detailed brekdown of roles please visit my LinkedIn profile.

How I Work #

I have always emphasized the business aspect on delivering software. I firmly believe that understanding the business and its context is one of the major determinats of success. Without this knowledge you are basically driving a car blindfolded hoping for the best.

I work closely with my clients and I used fixed quotes for all my work.