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Getting More Done with Deep Work

·1404 words·7 mins
Cognitively demanding tasks like writing code require deep focus without distractions. If you are constantly interrupted, you are not going to be at your best. Deep work is what we need to be efficient and get more work done. I share my experience creating deep work environment no matter if you are a freelancer, working in a team or managing a team.

My First Post

·320 words·2 mins
The project I am working on right now relies on several linux VMs hosted on Linode which were severely underutilized.

YAML Build Pipeline For .NET Core with Azure DevOps

·1310 words·7 mins
Forget the visual designer of Azure DevOps, in this tutorial I show how to create builds that are driven by YAML code that sits in your repository. Versioned build configurations and the ability to make build changes right from your code editor are just a few of the benefits of code-driven builds that no one wants to miss.


Domain Models with an Attitude

·605 words·3 mins
Domain models sit at the heart of business software systems and yet we often build models that are weak and devoid of any real value. This has severe consequences in the long run when we ultimately pay the price. We should instead create models that have substance and an attitude.

Newsletter Launch - Sign up

·72 words·1 min
I am launching a newsletter featuring curated resources on software development, business, and personal development.

Improved Support for Value Objects with EF Core 2.2

·581 words·3 mins
Entity Framework Core 2.2 brings long-awaited improvements for supporting value objects. Value objects are the building blocks of a robust domain model but until now it was difficult to map them to your database using EF Core. I have prepared a sample project to illustrate how we can leverage the latest update to better support values objects.